Barack Obama Has Revealed His Favourite Current TV And It Turns Out He Is A Fan Of Superhero Shows

Obama also listed Breaking-Bad spin-off Better Call Saul and sitcom The Good Place as amongst his top shows.

While speaking to Entertainment Weekly about his new memoir A Promised Land, Obama was asked about the TV that helps him relax.

“Better Call Saul, because of its great characters and examination of the dark side of the American dream,” he replied.

“The Good Place it’s a wise and sweet combination of goofy comedy and big philosophical questions,” he continued. “And Watchmen and The Boys, for how they turn superhero conventions on their heads to lay bare issues of race, capitalism, and the distorting effects of corporate power and mass media.”

Barack Obama also said that basketball was a must-watch for him.

“Oh, and the NBA playoffs because it’s hoops!”

The team behind The Boys expressed their surprise at getting the co-sign from the former President on Twitter.

The Good Place’s D’Arcy Carden and Better Call Saul star Bob Odenkirk also shared their joy at being on Barack Obama’s list.

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