Californian Producer Y-Balloon Has Shared His New Single ‘Messenger’

The electronic musician’s approach melds together classical flourishes with digital programming, resulting in an immersive, melodic realm.

New EP ‘JOMO’ is incoming, and it stands for the ‘Joy Of Missing Out’ – a welcome inversion of 2020’s fraught atmosphere.

There’s a widescreen Californian energy at work on new song ‘Messenger’, one that finds his musicality intermingling with vocalist Molly DeWolf.

Potent and precise, the two allow their mutual differences to amplify their message still further, with waves of lush electronics emanating from the speakers.

β€œAs the JOMO EP explores the Joy of Missing Out and getting away from the things that bring us down, β€˜Messenger’ is a reflection on the unwanted messenger that comes roaring into our midst as we use social media. There are messages on social media that we experience under no other medium that tears us down, and this track is a reflection of those moments.”

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