Cat Deeley Has Admitted Patrick Keilty “Knocked [Her] Socks Off”

The 44-year-old presenter who married the Irish comic in 2012 recalled how the ‘Debatable’ host had called her in the early hours of the morning to wish her a happy birthday, and when she told him of her plans, he vowed to be there to celebrate with her.

Discussing how they got together, she said: “It was my birthday and he’d rung me, he was at a pub in Ireland and he’d rung me from the pub. Bear in mind it was probably about 2 o’clock in the morning because they’d had a lock-in.”

Cat explained she had told him she was planning to join friends at the Beverly Hills Hotel for a birthday brunch and Patrick said he would “see you there”.

She continued on the ‘Made by Mammas’ podcast: “I was like, there’s no way!

“He went home, set his alarm for 5, got up, went to the airport, flew from Belfast to London, then jumped on the first plane from London to LA, got in a cab, told the cabbie on his way from the airport what he was doing, and the driver was literally like ‘Do you want me to wait for you?!’

“He walked in, dropped his bags at the concierge, walked in and came and sat down for lunch!”

“It knocked my socks off a little bit!”

The couple have sons Milo, four, and James, two, together, and though they always knew they wanted children, they never put pressure on one another to start their family.

Cat said: “I’d always wanted to have kids, and he had, too.

“What we didn’t want to do is put any stress and we just didn’t want to be anxious about it. It was like, OK let’s just see how it goes.”

The ‘So You Think You Can Dance?’ presenter moved back to the UK with her family earlier this year and despite the difficulties of the coronavirus pandemic, she’s been delighted to have more time to spend with her sons.

She said: “I’ve actually had loads of time to spend with the boys, and it has felt completely guilt-free!”

Cat also called for mothers to support one another more.

She said: “You will never meet a mum who isn’t trying to do her best.

“The more we can support each other with all that, the better.”

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