John Legend Has Warned His Social Media Followers About A Facebook Scam Using His Name

The Grammy-winning star who is married to model Chrissy Teigen has taken to Twitter to issue a warning to his fans, after being contacted on the micro-blogging platform about the scam.

The message from a fan read: “@chrissyteigen @johnlegend don’t know if this is real.. on fb someone is saying that if you type in “christmas” you’re giving away 10 grand to 300 people or something. Just thought I would let you guys know (sic)”

John, 41 – who has Luna, four, and Miles, two, with Chrissy – admitted he was aware of the situation and insisted he had nothing to do with it.

He wrote: “This is fake. I’ve gotten a few messages on here about this and even had some family ask me about it. It’s FAKE. (sic)”

John released a new album, ‘Bigger Love’, earlier this year, and he subsequently revealed the role his wife played in the creative process.

The singer – who married the model in 2013 – insisted he values Chrissy’s feedback on his work.

He said: “Chrissy doesn’t like to get involved too early on in the process.

“She likes to hear it when it’s almost done, very close to the finish line, because she gets demo-itus if she hears a song too early and then I change it and she hates all the changes because she fell in love with the early part.

“So she’s learned that she would rather hear it when it’s almost done.

“She’ll tell me her favourites she doesn’t try to veto any songs off the albums but she’ll definitely tell me what her favourites are at that point.”

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