Kylie Jenner Got An Earful Saturday Night As She Left A Store That Sells Lots Of Fur As Protesters Call Her A Monster

Kylie was leaving Moncler in Bev Hills when animal rights activists armed with megaphones descended on her car and began screaming, “Shame on you,” “You’re a monster,” and “Animals are skinned alive.”

The group blocked her Rolls-Royce as the driver attempted to beat a hasty retreat, all the while screaming at her. One of her bodyguards tried to remove a protester from the path of Kylie’s car, and the 2 briefly got into it.

Kylie has been criticized before for wearing fur notably last year when she and Stassie were wearing the Foxy Leather Coat by Saks Potts, a coat made with fox-fur trim.

In case you don’t know, many of these animals are tortured and killed for fur many are skinned alive. It’s about time we stop the torture seems reasonable, right?

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