Lady Amelia Windsor Says Jewellery Is A Good Way To Add “Extra Va-Va-Voom” When You Are Having A Bad Make-Up Day

The 25-year-old fashion model and member of the British royal family who is 39th in the line of succession to the throne has shared her top beauty tips and explained that she believes wearing some jewellery is just as good as having a full-face of make-up when it comes to looking like you’ve made an effort.

Speaking to Harper’s Bazaar UK, she said: “That way, you feel done up without anything on your face.

“Jewellery can always be considered as beauty, because you can match it with your make-up look that day, or if you’re not having a very good make-up day – maybe its not settling on your face as you’d like it to – I feel like your jewellery can give you that extra va-va-voom when things aren’t going very well in the make-up department.”

Ameila insisted “less is more” when it comes to make-up and shared the ways she’s “being kinder” to her skin.

She said: “My views on beauty have definitely changed.I think less is more. It’s about loving my skin and being kinder to my skin. I used to spend a lot of time in the sun and I now realise that is just not a good idea. I’m definitely always wearing something with SPF in it.”

Amelia is also keeping her carbon footprint down by swapping out plastic items in her bathroom, such as replacing her toothbrush for a bamboo one and shower gels for soap bars.

She said: “Over lockdown I was really trying to consider how to use less and trying to be more sustainable.

“There’s so much plastic in our bathrooms and, actually, your bathroom looks way nicer when there’s less plastic in it … Using a bamboo toothbrush, for example, actually looks so much nicer than a plastic one, and it’s so much better for the environment.”

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