Larry Lamb Says It’s “Highly Unlikely” That Gavin And Stacey Won’t Return For Future Christmas Specials

The actor, who plays Mick Shipman in the BBC sitcom, said that he suspected the show would be back following the success of 2019’s Christmas special.

The episode, which aired on Christmas Day, was the most watched comedy in 17 years and the most-watched non-sporting event of the decade with 18.49 million viewers.

“After how well the Christmas special went down last year, it’s highly unlikely there won’t be more,” Lamb told The Daily Telegraph.

“We’re all ready, but when it’ll be, that’s up to James [Corden], Ruth Jones and the BBC. I just hope they knock another one out before I’m dead. That or they can start at the graveside.”

Last year’s Gavin and Stacey special ended with a cliffhanger after Nessa (Jones) proposed to Smithy (Corden), leaving fans to question the cast as to when the show will return.

Earlier this month, James Corden said that he “honestly didn’t know” when Gavin and Stacey would return, but explained that it would be back at some point in the future.

“We’re all on a WhatsApp text group… We’re always talking, all of us, and Ruth and I talk all the time,” Corden said.

“I hope so much we do it. The next one will really be the last, final part, and that is a little too much pressure for my chest to take at the moment, if I’m honest, in amongst the anxiety of 2020,” he continued.

“If I had any notion of trying to make another Christmas special, I don’t think I’d be able to breathe. So we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. But I promise you, we won’t lead you over that bridge unless we think it will be worth the journey.”

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