Madonna Has Warned Fans About Instagram’s New Privacy Policy

It comes as a number of Instagram users have expressed concern about the new policy, which looks as if it could allow the platform to delete any sexually suggestive content, and its potential impact on sex workers.

“Instagram’s new cyber surveillance policies allow Mark Zuckerberg to spy on you and your family, steal your most intimate secrets and monitor your compliance with government mandates through all your devices – including your television – and sell your data to government and industry or punish you for disobedience,” Madonna wrote in an Instagram post, warning: “This is some scary shit.”

Last week (December 16), Instagram clarified their new policy update, tweeting: “We’re seeing some confusion that our Terms of Use update is targeted at sex workers. We want to reassure our community that this isn’t true, and nothing will change about the way we enforce our policies on 12/20.

“We made some changes to our Terms to make them easier to understand; for example, we’re providing clearer language on how we use data to personalise ads. You can find them here and they apply to everyone on Instagram,” they added, sharing a link to an explainer on Facebook.

In response to Madonna’s concerns, Instagram told Mashable: “The new terms are focused on clarifying how the app uses data to serve personalised ads; what data advertisers receive; and licensing and IP usage.

“They did not change any of the language around the posting of sexual or suggestive content.”

Elsewhere, Madonna has appeared on a new list of America’s richest self-made entrepreneurs.

Madonna came in 40th place with a net worth of $550million, while Taylor Swift secured the 62nd spot with $365 million. Madonna came in 40th place with a net worth of $550million, while Swift secured the 62nd spot with $365 million.

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