Stevie Basaula Has Stopped Wrapping Christmas Presents Because It “Feels Like A Waste Of Paper”

The ‘EastEnders’ actor – who plays Isaac Baptiste on the BBC One soap – doesn’t cover his gifts in anything because he wants to do his bit to protect the environment, and he finds wrapping to be “a waste of time”.

He said: “I’ve stopped wrapping presents. I don’t wrap them anymore – I don’t know why.

“It feels like a waste of paper. A bit of a waste of time.”

Stevie also admitted he likes to make a late dash to the shops over the festive period to grab presents just hours before the big day.

He said: “I’m also a late shopper. I buy things the day before Christmas or two days before Christmas.

“That’s probably a bit unusual for some people.”

And one of the star’s family Christmas traditions used to be his father watching a Bob Marley documentary every year, so he would’ve loved to have invited the legendary musician over on Christmas Day.

When asked in a video on the ‘EastEnders’ Twitter account which famous face he would hypothetically love to invite to his house at Christmas, he said: “Probably Bob Marley. Because my dad is a massive fan, and I know that would be an amazing Christmas present for him.

“I grew up listening to his music, and that’s something we play at Christmas.

“My sister told me a story the other day that my dad used to always watch a Bob Marley documentary every Christmas.

“That’s something I had forgotten about, but it’s true.

“He doesn’t do it anymore though.”

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