White House Dropping $127k On Deep Cleaning For Biden Administration

The White House is scrubbing down hard to make sure the new president doesn’t come down with the coronavirus like the last occupant and it’s a pricey undertaking.

After President Trump contracted COVID-19, the feds are taking no chances with President-elect Biden Uncle Sam’s reaching into his deep pockets for a deep clean at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave according to federal financial docs.

We’ve learned The White House is dropping a little over $127,000 on what’s listed as “Inaugural Cleaning.” It’s a deeper clean than most transitions, what with the pandemic and Trump’s bout with COVID and all.

Remember back in October, Trump quickly returned to The White House and shed his face mask after being discharged from Walter Reed Medical Center, where he was pumped full of drugs to combat COVID-19. Uncle Sam doesn’t want to see this same script play out with 78-year-old Biden, hence the deepest of cleans.

Oh, and $127,000 for the “Inaugural Cleaning” is just part of the picture as we first told you, the government’s also spending $44k just to clean carpets at The White House.ย  The carpet cleaning is in a separate procurement document so it seems the $44k is in addition to the $127k.

As they say politics, it’s a dirty business

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