Betis Was Left With A Bittersweet Taste In Its Mouth After The Draw In The Derby With Sevilla

The striker lamented the penalty missed by Fekir and acknowledged that the contact with Diego Carlos could be “interpreted” by the referee.

Loren MorΓ³n spoke after the 1-1 draw between Real Betis and Sevilla in the city’s derby. The striker believes that his team let their opponents off lightly and acknowledged that Diego Carlos’ penalty against them could be interpreted as a foul.

“The feeling is that two points escaped. We could have won with the game that the team played and we also missed a penalty, but we played a good game. It has given us anger that at the last moment we had those losses and we wanted to do a good performance after the last games”, explained.

Loren was satisfied with the match, but regretted the irregularity of the Betis: “The pity is that we do not always compete as this time. Otherwise we would be in another position. We must play like this every day, not only against Sevilla. Whether things go well or badly, we must follow this dynamic”.

Finally, he referred to the penalty: “Perhaps it is a dubious action, it is my turn and the ball and with the inertia of Diego Carlos I fall to the ground. It is the referee’s interpretation. It was an opportunity for me to show that I can be a starter or have more minutes. The bad thing was that we didn’t get the three points”.

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