Cristiano Ronaldo’s Children Have A Diet He Does Not Approve Of

During the Globe Soccer Awards gala, Juventus footballer Cristiano Ronaldo was unhappy with his children’s diet: soft drinks, chips, chocolate.

This Sunday, Cristiano Ronaldo was awarded the prize for the best player of the century (2001-2020) during the Globe Soccer Awards gala. The Portuguese received the trophy in Qatar.

The Juventus player also spoke about his son’s professional future: “We will see if my son becomes a great player he is not yet. Sometimes he drinks soda and eats chips, he knows I don’t like it”.

“I tell him that after working hard he must rest in cold water and he doesn’t like it. It’s normal, he’s 10 years old. He has potential, he is fast and dribbles well, but that is not enough, that is not enough. It takes a lot of work and dedication, I always tell him that,” he added.

Cristiano, however, recognised that what is really important for him is his happiness: “I am not going to pressure him, but if you ask me if I would like to, of course I want to. However, I want everything that is best for him, whether he is a footballer or a doctor”.

“It’s the same with my younger children. When they eat chocolate, they look at me first because they know I don’t like it,” added the Portuguese footballer in reference to the children of the house.

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