Dimitar Berbatov Played For Tottenham And Manchester United

Dimitar Berbatov played for Tottenham and Manchester United, although his career in Germany and France was also noteworthy.

He never played in Spain, a small thorn in his side, he admitted that he would now prefer to play for Zidane than for Simeone, although he is an admirer of his Atletico.

Dimitar Berbatov, a Manchester United and Tottenham ex-player, spoke on Tuesday about current football issues. Personally, he recognised his admiration for Diego Pablo Simeone, but he assured that as a footballer he would have enjoyed Zidane more.

“I can I say that I admire what Simeone is achieving and has already achieved with Atletico Madrid. His results are fantastic, but I don’t think that as a player I would have fitted in with this Atleti. It’s a team that is too defensive and demands a lot of running,” said the Bulgarian.

“Of course I would have liked to be coached by Zidane, any player you tell will say yes because you can learn a lot from him,” he continued.

Another regret, apart from Zidane, is not sharing a dressing room with one of the biggest: “It would have been great to play with Messi. But unfortunately neither one nor the other will ever happen”.

“If I had played in La Liga I would have wanted to sign for Barcelona, of course. I would have loved to. It would have been the best option for me, but not only because of the quality of that team, but because their style of play, that ‘tiki-taka’ would have been great. Play, play, play with Xavi, with Iniesta… it would have been wonderful for me”, he added.

Even so, Berbatov does not regret not having played in Spain: “My career in Germany has been wonderful. I made an important name for myself there and then made the jump to England to play for Tottenham. That’s when I fell in love with the country and its football”.

“I really didn’t want to move from England, but when I took the step to play in France, I also enjoyed it very much at Monaco, already at the end of my career. No, I could never say that I regretted not having played in Spain,” he concluded.

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