Eden Hazard Has Suffered Many Injury Issues

That’s the question they are asking themselves at Real Madrid. Eden Hazard is ready to return against Elche and hopes that this time, 32 days later, will be the definitive attempt after his last stint lasted three games.

This Wednesday, Real Madrid will face Elche with the return of Luka Modric to the lineup and possible important addition to the eleven: Eden Hazard. 32 days later, the Belgian can have minutes again.

Zinedine Zidane confirmed in the previous press conference that Hazard would appear in the Martínez Valero. We will have to see if he appears as a starter or if the Frenchman chooses Marco Asensio, but what is certain is that one way or another he will return to the field in competition.

“Eden will be there and the idea is for him to play a little. The other day something else was decided, but the idea against Elche is that he comes on because there are many days with the team and the idea is to take advantage of it”, explained the coach of Real Madrid.

Here what sadly arises is a question: how long will he last? Real Madrid and Hazard himself both hope that this return will be the definitive one. For the moment, this will only be his seventh game so far this season.

Since his injury on 26 November 2019 during that match against PSG, Hazard has not managed to string together more than three consecutive matches at Real Madrid. Mostly through injury, sometimes as a precaution, as in the final stretch of last season already in summer.

This year he only made his debut with Real Madrid on 27 October, when he played 20 minutes against Borussia Mönchengladbach. After that he was a starter against Huesca and Inter… and stopped again. It was three weeks of absence until his last reappearance, against Villarreal.

That day, when Carvajal also returned, Hazard was a starter and began his last series of three games. He scored a great goal against Inter and seemed hopeful, but he broke in that possible penalty against Alavés. Then he was injured on his right thigh.

Good old Hazard hasn’t completed a game in over a year. It was the 23rd November 2019, against Real Sociedad, just before he was injured against PSG in the Champions League. We will see if this is the good one, that is what the Belgian dreams of, who needs to get out of the pit of injuries any way he can.

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