Glenn Hoddle Is Not Impressed With Barcelona At The Moment

Former footballer Glenn Hoddle analysed some of the pairings in the Champions League Round of 16 in ‘BT Sport’. The Englishman spoke about Atletico-Chelsea, although he also had words for Barcelona.

AtlΓ©tico Madrid and Chelsea will face each other in the round of sixteen of the Champions League. This was the result of the draw held on Monday.

The former Blues player, among other teams, Glenn Hoddle analysed the qualifying round with BT Sport: “They are the one they probably didn’t want. I wouldn’t be afraid of Barcelona at the moment, they are not scary, but AtlΓ©tico is stubborn, they are such a stubborn team”.

“It’s very difficult to play against them. As I say, they have a balance in their team when their coach allows them to play, they can play good expansive football sometimes, and they put it into practice if they need it in a game,” he added.

On the possibility of both sides, Hoddle acknowledged: “I think Chelsea certainly have the firepower up front to beat Atletico, but it also depends on how you go into these big games. I feel we’re getting confidence, momentum and results, but we won’t know that until the match approaches”.

“Chelsea is a team that wants to play and Frank wants his team to play his way, he will not change his way of playing”, he concluded.

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