Immobile Once Again Demonstrates His Reliability From The Penalty

Ciro Immobile once again demonstrates his reliability from the penalty spot after scoring five in the last eight matches with Lazio.

The penalty spot was his main trump card in achieving the Golden Boot last year, an award that he will try to defend.

Throughout the season, the best strikers on the continent, in addition to wanting to add goals and titles to their list of honours, are looking hard to stay in the fight for the Golden Boot, an award that recognises the best goalscorer in Europe.

Last year, this trophy was won by Ciro Immobile, who beat players such as Lewandowski, Cristiano, Werner and Haaland. The Italian scored 36 goals, but his achievement was cooked up thanks to his aim from the penalty spot.

Of the total number of goals, 14 were penalties, a figure that even his closest competitor, Cristiano Ronaldo, could not surpass: the ‘Bicho’ scored 12 penalties.

This year it seems that Ciro has not changed his ‘modus operandi’ and continues to score. He has added five penalties in the last eight games with his team, although he is still far from the high positions of the table for the Golden Boot. Lewandoski, the first -also in the big leagues-, has 13, while Immobile has only six.

Moreover, his mark reached in 2019-20 equalled that achieved by Gonzalo Higuain, who also scored 36 goals when he was at Napoli in 2016, which is the record in Serie A.

Whether from eleven meters or not, the relationship with the goal of Ciro Immobile during his career is undeniable after adding 240 goals in 423 games as a professional. And in Lazio he now shines even more.

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