Jack Grealish Will Go To Liverpool If Salah Does Not Sign A New Contract

Liverpool want Mohamed Salah to stay at the club and so they will offer him a new contract, but they have a back up plan in Jack Grealish if the Egyptian leaves.

Mohamed Salah’s recent comments have raised doubts over his Liverpool future. Liverpool were not expecting it and they have had to get down to work to try and persuade the Egyptian to stay.

‘Goal’ reports that the Reds are working on a new contract for Salah to renew at Liverpool. The plan is to offer imrpove an imprved salary so that he becomes one of the best paid players in the league.

However, Liverpool want to cover their backs in case Salah decides to leave. That is why they have their eyes on Aston Villa star Jack Grealish, the ‘Daily Mail’ reports.

Liverpool, up to now, had not been in the running to get the Englishman, but the fact Salah could go has got the Liverpool board worried.


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