Joan Laporta, Has Once Again Spoken Out About What He Wants And What He Would Do If Elected

Joan Laporta is being his usual eccentric self in the campaign to run for the presidency of FC Barcelona.

The former president has left several headlines in an interview with ‘Europa Press’, in which he has assured that he is very much looking forward to returning to the post.

“We all have our time and I think it is still my time. I am 58 years old and I can dedicate a few years to the club, which will be the best of my consolidated maturity. I feel good, strong, with desire to serve the club and to return the joy to the Barcelona”, he assured.

Laporta indicated that his presence can be “very good” for having “succeeded” previously and that for that reason he has a desire “to return to see all”.

This is what can be read on the banner that has generated so much fuss near the Santiago BernabΓ©u: “The banner is very Laporta. If I’m lucky enough to govern again, I’ll see what can be taken advantage of and redone. I am in a winning mood”.

One of the things the new president will have to deal with is the continuity of Leo Messi, who will finish his contract in June 2021. That is the main issue.

“If Messi says no, we will take it with sportsmanship and we will have to move on. It is not going to be an impediment so that we also make a very competitive club and we begin already a new stage that takes us to the first world-wide sport line,” said Laporta.

The pre-candidate wanted to make clear that Ansu Fati is not the ‘new Messi’, because saying that is a mistake. “Sometimes, if you skip steps, you don’t make a good contribution to a footballer’s career. Ansu Fati has great natural talent, he must be accompanied and helped, as we did with Leo, ‘Busi’, Pedro or Sergi Roberto …”, he ended.

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