John Aldridge Spoke About Salah And That Incident With Sergio Ramos

Former Liverpool player John Aldridge said that he would hate Real Madrid if he were Mo Salah because of what Sergio Ramos did to him in the 2018 Champions League final.

The final Liverpool lost to Real Madrid which saw Salah got injured, is still remembered by some at the Merseyside club. One of the latest to talk about it is ex-player John Aldridge.

“Personally, I think that after the experience in the Champions League final and the way Sergio Ramos treated him, if I were him, I’d hate Real Madrid,” he told the ‘Liverpool Echo’.

All of that comes shortly after Salah left the door open to a possible departure from Liverpool, with Real Madrid as one of his options.

“The players are very powerful now. If they want to leave, they’ll leave. End of story,” Aldridge said on the chances of the Egyptian leaving Anfield.

He thinks it “all depends on Jurgen Klopp and on what he wants. He must trust the manager to handle these situations correctly when they come about,” he concluded.

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