“Last Year I Received A Lot Of Criticism In Spain And Not Always With Good Reason”

Thibaut Courtois spoke honestly to Belgian media ‘Sporza’, where he recalled his adaptation to Real Madrid, the fight for the position with Keylor Navas, his relationship with Zinedine Zidane and the current situation of the Belgian team. A bit of everything.

In his third season at Real Madrid, nobody doubts Thibaut Courtois anymore. Last season he managed to settle down after a difficult first season, alternating with Keylor Navas and making some painful mistakes. He talked about this whole process in an interview with the Belgian media ‘Sporza’.

About the critics and the press, he said he had always been calm: “I am quite immune to that. Last year I had a difficult time and received a lot of criticism here in Spain and not always with good reason. I get those criticisms, but I don’t read everything. My head of press filters the news to me so that I know where the wind is blowing”.

“The biggest mistake that young footballers make is that they look on social networks to see what is being written about them. But it just makes you feel bad. If you are going to take that into account, you will die from it. Your head will go crazy if you have to believe everything in the press. Some of it may be true, but that’s certainly not true. I take into account what my coaches, goalkeeping coaches and teammates say. With confidence, there is no problem,” he advised.

Courtois spoke clearly of his relationship with Zinedine Zidane and how it began: “During the alternation in goal with Keylor Navas, Zidane said that we had nothing more to gain, so he was going to switch between Navas and me. He likes to rotate, but that has nothing to do with my relationship with Zidane. Maybe our relationship was a little distant at the beginning, but that was also because I didn’t have a history with him like many other players in the squad.

“He realised that himself and we had a good conversation in the summer of 2019. Since then our relationship has grown and now it’s very good”, added the Belgian, who defined the Madrid coach: “He is a very calm person, a good motivator, but he is also simple. He says things as they are. He likes the personal approach. Sometimes he takes you aside after training to ask you how you feel. I haven’t seen any coach do that yet.

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