Leicester Went Ahead On The Stroke Of Half-Time At Tottenham Field

They did so by taking an innocent penalty on Fofana, which Vardy converted with a shot to the centre of the goal.

Experts say that penalties should be taken to one side because if the ball goes far enough to the side of the net, the goalkeeper will rarely be able to stop the shot. But Vardy prefers to do it his way.

The Leicester striker was responsible for the 1-0 lead over Tottenham from the penalty spot, thanks to a fairly deserved penalty from Aurier on Fofana.

It was the last play of the first half. The Leicester player, almost on the line of the area, controlled a ball into the area with his chest and Aurier pushed him from behind when there was no danger for Lloris.

After consultation with VAR, the decision for a penalty was given and, of course, Vardy took responsibility. The ‘9’ shot hard and in the middle. Lloris was fooled and Vardy put Leicester ahead.

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