Lionel Messi Spoke About Neymar

Barcelona player, Leo Messi, during his interview with Jordi Évole on ‘La Sexta’, spoke about the possible return of Neymar to the Camp Nou again.

Leo Messi broke his silence on Sunday and made many fans around the world turn on their televisions to enjoy the interview that journalist Jordi Évole conducted on ‘La Sexta’.

The Argentine confessed that he still hasn’t made a decision surrounding his future as well as criticising how Barcelona treated Luis Suárez. “I thought it was crazy”.

And Messi was asked about the possible return of Neymar: “It’s going to be difficult to bring in players, because you need money and there is no money. You have to have several important players to fight for everything again and you have to play, but you also have to pay them”.

“And how do you pay PSG the transfer fee… It’s not easy, it’s going to be a difficult situation for the new president. He will have to be very smart, sort everything out and make many changes to do well. Neymar must be expensive. How do you pay for him?”, he added.

Messi also made reference to the Whatsapp group he has with Neymar and Luis Suárez: “He didn’t say we are going to play, he said I’d like to play… didn’t he? Neymar would have to be asked why he said we were going to play together. We have a Whatsapp group with him and Luis”.

“We maintain the relationship. The last message with Neymar was about the Champions League draw. I didn’t want to face him now”, the Barcelona attacker concluded.

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