Manchester United Manager Does Not Want To Stop For COVID-19

Cases of the new COVID-19 strain in the UK could paralyse the Premier League for two weeks, something that is supported by some players in the league, but which contrasts with the opinion of other coaches, such as Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

COVID-19 continues to spread throughout England and the suspension of Tottenham-Fulham and Everton-City has forced the Premier League organisation to take a step forward. There is talk of a two-week break in the competition, although nothing has yet been confirmed.

“We are in a bubble and it has proved to be quite good, we have not had too many cases, especially within the group, so I do not know, I do not want to join that discussion,” began the Norwegian in a press conference.

The reality is that 18 infections have been detected, the record number so far. And with the new strain of the coronavirus, the fear is even greater among the leaders of the Premier. Solskjaer thinks about what this break would mean for the course of the season.

“It is not something I have thought much about and we as a club, group and our players have been very good at following the protocols and rules. That’s part of the job here. We, as clubs, follow the protocols we are given. I don’t see the benefit of having a break, when are we going to play the games,” questioned the Manchester United manager.

However, the West Bromwich Albion manager, Sam Allardyce, is in complete agreement with the Premier League’s intention. “Everyone’s safety is more important than anything else. When I hear the news, the variant of the virus is transmitted faster than the original virus, we can only do the right thing, a circuit breaker. I’m 66 years old and the last thing I want to do is to catch COVID-19,” explained the coach.

“I am very worried about me and about football in general. If that’s the right thing to do, we have to do it. We had a positive this week and it seems to be spreading no matter how hard we try,” concluded the veteran coach.

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