Marcelo Has Been Involved In Many Slip-Ups For Real Madrid This Season

After an almost impeccable run, he returned to the starting XI against Elche and his side tripped up again.

They say that coincidences in the world of football do not exist and with Marcelo it seems that this maxim is beginning to be fulfilled to the letter. The Madrid full-back, absent for quite a few games, returned to the team at MartΓ­nez Valero to give Mendy a rest and Real Madrid slipped up again.

He didn’t make any huge errors, although it’s true that his best days seem to now be in the past. Marcelo was happy like always in attack, but far from what he was offering in full defence. His lane was a highway for an Elche that constantly took to the air with Rigoni’s races.

In Elche’s box, Marcelo was close to putting Madrid ahead with a brilliant volley off the bar. Nothing in this area can ever be attributed to the Brazilian. In defence it was another thing. Perhaps he did not appear in the photo as Carvajal did, but it is true that his presence in the eleven filled the Madrid defence with doubts.

Even Sergio Ramos had to vehemently correct him in a passage of play in which he took a long time to run backwards, something that had not happened to him in his best campaigns at Madrid.

Real Madrid were left without 2 golden points in Elche and the looks were again focussed on a player that was a legend at Real Madrid, but who seems destined to leave the team sooner rather than later.

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