Messi Gave A Wide-Ranging Interview

Leo Messi, who has already been critical of the way in which Barcelona let Luis Suárez go in an Instagram publication, confirmed that he is still upset in his interview with Jordi Évole in ‘La Sexta’. The Argentinian described the situation as “madness”.

Messi is still upset over how Barca let Suarez go in the last market. The captain, in his extensive interview with Jordi Évole on ‘La Sexta’, referred to the departure, he had already complained publicly about it in an Instagram publication.

He mentioned the matter when he was asked if the departure of Suarez was a trigger for his desire to leave Barcelona: “I had decided before that. I thought it was crazy what they did with Luis, because of the ways in which he left. On top of that, it was free for a team that is fighting for the same thing as us”.

In fact, there was a moment in the talk when Évole inquired about the last time Leo cried. He confessed that he had done so recently, but declined to say why. It is possible that the reason was his separation from the Uruguayan striker, to whom he was and is very attached.

At least Messi will continue to see his friend Suárez in their games both in the league and in European competitions if they coincide. In this same interview, the ’10’ said that they have a Whatsapp group in which they talk almost daily about current football and how they are doing personally.

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