The New Restrictions In England Will Not Affect Professional Football

The British Government announced new restrictions ahead of the Christmas period, but these will not affect professional sport. Footballers will be allowed to keep on training and competing as normal.

The new restrictions introduced by the UK Government which prevents people from travelling from certain areas of the country over Christmas, will not affect professional sport.

Just like what happened during lockdown in November, professional sportsmen and women will be allowed to train and play as normal. However, no spectators will of course be allowed in tier 3 and tier 4 areas.

The new rules which came into affect for London and the South East on Sunday mean that in tier 4 areas, household mixing is not allowed over Christmas, non-essential shops have to close and travel into and out of tier 4 areas is prohibited.

Professional football in tier 4 areas will continue, but non-professional football will have to stop. That means all men’s football from the seventh division downwards while only the top two divisions in women’s football will continue.

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