Neymar Is Holding A Large Event

After the storm of controversy that arose because Neymar is organizing, according to sources from Brazil, a huge party, the company in charge of the event came out to specify that there will not be 500 guests, but 150.

In the last few days, Neymar was in the eye of the storm of controversy in Brazil for allegedly organising a party for some 500 guests. Hence, ‘Fabrica’, the company in charge, went out of its way to deny it and specify the conditions of the event.

The event will be attended by 150 people all things said. In the statement, it is also specified that everyone will comply with the relevant health safety measures. In other words, they will wear masks, respect safety distances and wash their hands when necessary.

The company also insists in its letter that it has all the government licences to carry out its activity. The event, which is private, will not have public invitations for sale. Only thoseΒ  selected by the PSG player or his team will be admitted.

Perhaps this clarification will serve to distance Neymar a little from so much controversy. Brazil is one of the countries that has been hardest hit by the coronavirus crisis in both economic and human terms, and this is where most of the harshest criticism of it came from.

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