Philippe Coutinho Will Remain At Barcelona After The Winter Market

‘Sport’ assures that Ronald Koeman has full confidence in him despite him taking a step back. This decision could damage Barcelona on the money side of things, however.

Coutinho had one foot out the door ahead of the winter market because of his recent downturn in form and what it could mean financially if he stays, but Koeman is thinking about saving him. According to ‘Sport’, the manager wants to keep him.

The aforementioned source affirms that it isn’t 100% confirmed. In other words, the possibility still exists that the board have to place him on the transfer market although the manager’s wish is to continue counting on him.

Certainly, he trusted him from the beginning of the season, although he was going from more to less. In the match against Valladolid, for example, he came on for the final minutes, and against Juventus in the Champions League, he didn’t even get on.

With a contract until 2023, Barcelona will decide if he leaves or not. If he does, he could leave around 57 million euros in the club’s coffers; if not, they would have to give 20 million to Liverpool if he plays 10 more matches.

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