PSG Coach Tuchel Is Seen As An Attractive Replacement

A Chelsea that has seen better days and Lampard’s struggle to bring it back could be the pillars of Thomas Tuchel’s arrival at Stamford Bridge, according to ‘Bild’.

His departure from PSG is not yet official and, in England, he is already among the candidates to take Lampard’s position if he can not change the course of the team.

Thomas Tuchel entered into the list of candidates for new Chelsea coach in the middle of a run-off in the London derby. Frank Lampard, who acknowledged that his players must improve their performance, is in question and must react as soon as possible.

This situation is the perfect breeding ground for the current PSG manager, according to ‘Bild’. His mission would be to lead a star-studded squad on a bumpy ride and hopefully finish in the top 4 and secure the coveted Champions League positions.

The German coach has no experience in the Premier League, however. He has already proved himself in his home country and in Ligue 1, although he has yet to be seen on the bench in the English top flight, one of the most evenly matched and attractive championships in the world.

It must be remembered, however, that this is, for the moment, simply a possibility for the future. Frank Lampard is still in charge of Chelsea and Tuchel has not yet been officially dismissed. Depending on how the next fixtures develop, this could all be a moot point.

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