Real Madrid Trained Ahead Of The League Match Against Elche

 Zidane orchestrated a varied session to reactivate his team after Christmas. Rodrygo was out because he is injured and both Modric and Hazard performed well.

Real Madrid carried out their second training session to prepare for the next match of the sixteenth round of the league, which will be played against Elche at Martínez Valero.

The session was held under strict health regulations due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Zinedine Zidane organised a varied day’s work to reactivate his players after Christmas.

The team could take first place in the league if Atlético Madrid fails to capitalise on their game. The ‘merengue’ team has improved in recent weeks and could take advantage of their form to take the top spot.

One of the keys could be the return of Eden Hazard, who was very active during the session. He even scored a goal during one of the exercises, where he had to shoot on goal. Modric was also on hand, and Rodrygo, who is injured, was out.

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