Riola Has Scrutinized Ole For His Comparison Of Erling Braut Haaland To Player Romelu Lukaku

Feuds between the super agents and boss of the club have happened before and many believe Mino’s digs are just another attempt of igniting a feud once again.

This feud this time, is over the 20-year old Haaland that is and will be for some time, under the club’s keen eye and radar.

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Solskjaer was a key figure in the development of player status that Haaland had during their time together previously within Norway. Many know how the Manchester United boss flew out with hopes of trying to grab this player as another addition to his team, with hopes that their previous relationship may stir his interest. Of course, after the much-needed space needed to make his decision, he ended up selecting Borussia Dortmund, having also RB Leipzig amongst other premier league teams to select from. Solskjaer was left pretty red faced in the situation as it was rumoured that the agents’ deals involved during the meet and greeting were beyond what was hoped and expected. Causing Old Trafford to miss out on a great player as a result.

Due to Haaland’s amazing performance within Germany and flourishing performance, it was a decision that left the United team officials and the manager pretty bitter, especially after they saw Haaland claim the Golden Boy Award with his athletic performances showcased.

Haaland’s agent Raiola has taken a fresh hit at the United manager because he believes his swipes against the striker could very much cost him dearly in the future, especially when Ole looks to gain more players for his team later on within the transfer season. Ole’s temper and quick tongue is believed to be a key mistake, especially one that reflects badly on himself within Ole’s own career.

Raiola believes that Haaland is very like Zlatan in his early years and therefore it was wrong to take a hit at such a great player’s talent, over being hurt and bitter where ego is involved. The scrutiny runs deeper as Raiola went further in on Ole, by saying that Ole should focus his efforts on the players he already has. Many often say Pogba has great talent yet he lacks discipline. Raiola believes that before attacking any other players out there he should mind his own business and make Pogba play like a champion for the United team. Raiola believes that Pogba has no future left within United and he believes that Pogba will be sold, or he urges United to do so and move forward with a deal for the player.

When Haaland is concerned, Raiola believes that Haaland will most likely continue playing for the German team for quite some time, despite many saying that he will eventually up and leave for a position within Real Madrid. This is old news to Raiola, as he said for now Haaland is very happy where he is

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