Zlatan Ibrahimovic Did Not Hesitate To Find A Place Far From The City To Continue His Recovery

The Swede decided to buy a forest for three million euros in the Åre area of his home country. This eccentricity joins the many that the AC Milan striker already has.

As well as being a great footballer and one of the key pieces of Milan until his injury, Zlatan Ibrahimovic is also in the news many times for extra sporting reasons.

With a purchase of a PS5 for all his teammates in the past, the Swede has now decided to take another (huge) step, with the acquisition of an important piece of land.

In this case, the striker has bought a forest in the Åre area, Sweden, for almost 3 million euros. The place is in a mountainous area and near the border with Norway.

Thus, Zlatan will be able to recover from his injury in peace and far from the city, besides being able to practice two hobbies for which he has recognised his passion: hunting and fishing.

With it, it is the 4th property that Ibrahimovic has purchased in the area.

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